in-vitality is a new event launched to meet the needs of Italian Food Development Technologists working with the nutraceutical, functional foods and supplement market.

in-vitality together with Making Cosmetics represents our current trends, a cross over between topical applications and ingestible nutrition and health foods. Something different reflecting what is happening in our industry – extending the application of personal care products – a fusion of outside and inside. 

A dedicated forum for the exchange of information, knowledge and expertise in the use of existing and new ingredients and technologies to create new formulas, recipes and concepts or to modify already existing food or supplements.


A proven success

Hosted by Making Cosmetics, the most attended event in Italy for cosmetics’ science. To date we have over 200 exhibiting and represented companies, over 5,000 square meters of exhibition area, over 50 hours of scientific content, 4 interactive features and 2 networking piazze.

Making Cosmetics together with in-vitality is an unmissable opportunity for any ingredient supplier interested to create brand awareness in Italy, meet with industry colleagues and promote their business to a large audience.