25 – 26 November 2020, MiCo, Milano

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in-vitality is a new event launched to meet the needs of Italian Food Development Technologists working with the Nutraceutical, Functional foods and Supplements market.

A dedicated forum for the exchange of information, knowledge and expertise in the use of existing and new ingredients and technologies to create new formulas, recipes and concepts or to modify already existing food or supplements.

in-vitality together with Making Cosmetics represents our current trends, a synergy between looking good and feeling goodIt is not a secret that health and longevity can only be achieved by combining regular exercise with good personal hygiene and healthy eating, these two particularly are essential together, you cannot ignore either one nor the other one. So keep healthy this 2019 and for inspirations, innovative product technologies cutting edge science meet the fastest growing market in Europe: Italy at in-vitality this coming 20-21 November.