Cerebelle – Outsmart Brain Aging !

Time: 13:00 - 13:20

Date: 22 November 2018

Theatre: Arena Seminari


Diana Food will proudly introduce, Cerebelle™. This health solution is a unique blend of extracts from two potent polyphenol-rich fruit: grape and wild blueberry, clinically proven to prevent age-related cognitive decline in healthy older adults. Each of these extracts contribute specific polyphenols with neuroprotective properties; a six-month supplementation with Cerebelle™ (600mg/day) demonstrated improved episodic memory and learning skills in healthy senior people. Cerebelle™ compliments a broad variety of products ranging from traditional dietary supplements to functional foods and beverages.

Cerebelle™ answers a strong market need for natural solutions to protect cognition in seniors. While traditional ingredients rule the cognition market, Cerebelle™ brings innovation and will enable differentiation at our customers.

The Cerebelle™ clinical study has just been published in Journals of Gerontology, providing the final touch to the complete dossier of supportive data around Cerebelle™.

Now is the time to innovate with Cerebelle™!


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