NuBana Green Banana Flour – Functional Fruit for Today’s Market Needs

Time: 16:00 - 16:20

Date: 21 Novembre 2018

Theatre: Arena Seminari


International Agriculture Group (IAG), an ingredient technology company, delivers innovative tropical fruit solutions to food and beverage consumer product companies. They manufacture NuBana(TM) Green Banana Flour, a line of functional fruit flours with unique texture and nutritional properties: NuBana N100 delivers the processing benefits of a native, cook-up starch, NuBana P500 is a pre-gelatinized flour, and NuBana RS65 features high levels of resistant starch, a prebiotic dietary fiber with metabolic health benefits. NuBana is ideal for formulating clean label and gluten free foods, increasing fruit consumption and for improving health. IAG practices sustainable harvesting practices and helps reduce food waste.


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