Nutraceutical actives for body & mind balance in the post-pandemic era

Time: 10:30 - 11:00

Date: Day 1: 25th November 2021

Theatre: Arena Seminari


Covid-19 pandemic has deeply influenced the nutraceutical market trends by changing the consumer approach to health, towards a more conscious commitment. ROELMI HPC strongly believes in the power of a healthy life-style to prevent chronic diseases and ageing, and continuously investigates into nutraceutical specialties that can support a pro-active behaviour. The portfolio comes from a sustainable innovation combined with technological know-how and Mediterranean tradition: from one side, SynBalance® probiotics, property and clinically tested strains, belonging to Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria species, while on the other hand, SelectSIEVE® technology, based on phytochemical complexes, characterized by a multifunctional efficacy profile, resulted from vegetal matrixes valorisation. In order to face the more sedentary life and bad nutrition habits, further worsen by the lock-down periods, and to recover from the increasing stress and anxiety emphasized by pandemic outbreak, a collection of active ingredients has been developed. In particular, SynBalance® MetSyn supports cardiometabolic health and prevents obesity; SynBalance® CholDown helps modulate lipids level in the blood while SelectSIEVE® Apple helps control glucose uptake; SelectSIEVE® Rainbow and the brand-new SelectSIEVE® Libra can contribute to weight management through body shaping and food craving control respectively. Finally, SynBalance® KeepCalm is effective for improving cognitive function and sleep quality as well as for reducing anxiety and stress.


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